"Sex & Worship"

New Orleans, LA

The relationship between our religious identities and our sexual ones. 

Choreography: Sophia Rabinovitz & Derwin May Jr. 

Music: "Surrender" by Matisyahu

"I Am ME"

New Orleans, LA

I Am ME explores the break between how our governments view us, how others view us, and how we choose to view ourselves and each other.



New Orleans, LA, USA

"(Un)Qualified" explores the limiting ideas of what it means to be a man and the freedom that comes when those limitations are broken.

Choreography: Derwin May Jr. & Daniel Jones

Original Music: Daniel MasterPIECE Jones

"Cat Calls and Compliments" 
New Orleans, LA, USA

“Cat Calls and Compliments” takes a slightly humorous and yet thought-provoking approach to the very serious issue of street harassment. The piece examines the fine line between complimenting a stranger and harassing someone. Where is the line that is too often crossed that makes us feel uncomfortable in our public spaces? “Cat Calls and Compliments” explores that line and leaves the audience torn between humor and recognition, outrage and understanding.

Choreography: Sophia Rabinovitz

"The Rant" takes a look inside the minds of the women of Artivism Dance Theatre as they speak to some of the bulls*** they encounter day to day. Too often we bite our tongues and hold back, afraid to disrupt or antagonize. Maybe it is out of fear of repercussions or maybe we just can't be bothered to explain your ignorance to you, but in this piece we let it all out. What would you say if you could tell em how you really feel?

"The Rant"

MOVEment for Change 2017

New Orleans, LA, USA

In "TBH" Artivism Dance Theatre takes a look back at our childhood bullies and how bullying effected us then and now. “TBH” is intended for young audiences and is accompanied by an anti-bullying workshop that provides a space for youth to discuss their own experiences with bullying. 


New Orleans, LA

"Holdin' On"

New Orleans, USA

“Holdin’ On” was created in response to the recent stabbing of a black man and a white woman in Olympia, Washington after a self-proclaimed white supremacist saw them kissing outside of a bar.We explore the complexity of emotions that come up for interracial couples when faced with resistance both from outsiders and from those closest to them. How does this resistance reflect the current state of race relations in the US?

Choreography: Sophia Rabinovitz & Paul Sampson

London Live Interview

London the unfriendly city? I think not!! 

In this piece, ADT takes it a little lighter with a Public Service Announcement to smile, love, and enjoy your city and your neighbors. Join us on a fun exploration of London and you're guaranteed to crack a smile!

"Love Your London"
London, UK

The media is constantly delivering information on world issues for us to receive and consume however we choose. 

Although it may be received it is ignored. 

This piece explores society’s self prescribed ignorance to what is going on in the world. We all so often ignore  social and political issues because it is easier to turn a blind eye. We are the world, these are our stories; the consequence is ours.

Choreography: Charisse Laurelle


"See No Evil"

MOVEment for Change 2016

The Broadway Theatre, Barking

London, United Kingdom


The theory of Social Injustice Allostasis dictates that people who have experienced a history of social injustices can pass on chronic stress in their genetic and/or cultural traits. In this work, Artivism Dance Theatre explores the current refugee crisis in Europe and the traumatic departures of so many people from their homelands. This repeated and chronic stress caused by social injustice has a wear and tear on the body that can only result in one thing… Allostasis.

Choreography: Sophia Rabinovitz

Emerge Festival
The Space Theatre
London, UK
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